Thursday, January 31, 2008

Simple Fried Rice & Awards

Simple white-fried rice for breakfast, sometimes for dinner too :)) when I´m not in the mood to cook.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ikan Acar Kuning

I used two kinds of fish: Dorade and Tilapia Fillet (Ikan Nila). My oldest son prefer to eat fish without bones than the whole fish. Eni, Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rawon/Chunk Beef in Black Soup & Awards

Rawon (Chunk Beef in Black Soup) is popular in East Java. The black colour comes from seed of the tropical tree/ Kepayang Tree/Kluwek (Genus: Pangium edule, Family: Flacourtiaceae). Fermented seeds/Kluwek nuts are a speciality in Indonesia and have been used as spices.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My 1st Cake Project

My friend Putu Rea ordered this Tiramisu Cake for her friend. Rea, thank you very much for your order and trust me to make this cake for your friend. Your friend said to us:
" 10.000 Dank für den leckeren Superüberraschungen von Rea. So süß!"

I hope your friend enjoy the cake.
So, who next......

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kue Lapis/Layer Steamed Cake

Kue Lapis is traditionally cake consisting of alternating layers which is steamed separately. It takes about ten minutes for each layer to be steamed, making of a kue lapis time consuming process. You can count how long I need to cook this Kue lapis ^_^

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year and Awards

Dear friends, Happy New Year 2008
Frohes and gesundes neues Jahr
guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr!

Speechless and it was touching moment for me when my friends sent me: Worl Best Friend week, Thank You for being my friend Award and Blog of the Month Award, last Year!. I want to apologize I didn´t respond directly, because I prepared for my travelling at that time.

World Best Friend Week
Sefa, Ourcuisine and Ching, Little Corner of Mine thank you very much, big and warm hug for you. I love U!
"Do you know the relationship between your 2 eyes? They blink together, move together, cry together, see things together and sleep together. Even though they never see each other, friendship should be just like that! Life is like Hell without FRIENDS. Its ‘World Best Friend Week’. Send this to your best friends to let them know you appreciate them.

Your Love is Ur Heart, Your heart is Ur Spouse,
Your spouse is Ur Future,

Your future is Ur Destiny,

Your destiny is Ur Ambition,

Your ambition is Ur Aspiration,

Your aspiration is Ur Motivation,

Your motivation is Ur Belief,

Your belief is Ur Peace,
Your peace is Ur Target,
Your target is Heaven,
Heaven is no fun without FRIENDS.

Again, my friend Ching, little corner of mine gave me Thank You for Being my Friend Award last month (Dec, 2007). are so sweet. Even I haven´t meet you in a real world, I feel that I know you for a long time. Thank you for stopping by and leaving comments for me. Now, I´d like to pass this to all of my blogger friends who are in my links and take the time to make any comments for me, my dearest friends in Hamburg who are really kind to share and send me recipes, my neighbour, and last but not least for my friend Jun.

I got
this award from Jun, yummylicious last month (Dec, 2007). Thank you very much Jun. Big Hug and kisses for you :). Now, I´like to pass this award to : Sefa, Pepy, Ching´s Little Corner of Mine, Resto Mariena, De Janssens Family.