Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bakpao/Steamed Bun

This steamed bun or Bakpao can be filled with meat or vegetarian fillings. I found special bun flour in Asia Store and thought to try with mung beans paste as fillings. Bakpao with beef filling can be seen here.

For steamed bun
1 kg Bun flour or all purpose flour
1 cup sugar
500 ml warmed milk
2 sachets hefe/yeast or 1 sachet (11 g) fermipan yeast
1 tablespoon salt
4 tablespoons cooking oil
directions: Mix all of ingredients in a food processor or you can stir evenly until the dough is formed using a spiral hand mixer or use your own hand. Put in the oven 50°C (during cold seasons) for about 1 hour . Divide the dough into 24 balls. Fill in mung beans paste and steam for about 20-30 minutes.

For mung beans paste:
200 g peeled mung beans

250 g palm sugar

25 g instant coconut cream powder
directions: soak peeled mung beans in the water for about 2 hours and drain. Steam the beans until soft then grind with palm sugar and coconut cream together.


Kelly Mahoney said...

Those look so great! What an impressive final product.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Nice! I have one pao flour waiting for me to use it.

Everything4sweets said...

looks so beautiful, nice pau.

Ninis said...

Nyam nyam ...

Dulu : sore2 nunggu di teras .. suara tet tot tet tot ... plok plok .. bakpo massss ...!!

Sekarang : harus browsing di internet cari resepnya, belanja ke toko, nguplek di dapur seharian ..

Kalo deket Mbak Retno ngrayu biar dibolehin cicipcicip dikit :D Ya toh, Mbak?! ;)

Glugh glugh .. nelen ludah :)

A.G said...

mbak disana ada gula merah yaa.... huhu.. disni adanya gula palem, jadi kalo dimasak pucet :(

Fitta Arsista said...

wahhh lagi sahur ni..nyomot satu ya mbak...

tigerfish said...

Used to have bakpao for I do not have this luxury :(

I like sweet buns like this too, just that prefer savory bakpao. :)

Resto Mariena said...

Retno..kalo mau isinya gampang..kan ada yg jual di bagian frozen yaitu red beans ( isi bakpao item tuh lhoo)
Duhh aku pengen yg isi unti kelapa hmmm TFS ya

beachlover said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog:).wow!! your pau look so good!!.I'm going to learn how to make your pao.Thanks for sharing:)

Retno Prihadana said...

Kelly: Thanks for always give me a nice comment.
little corner of mine: waiting for ur next posting :)
everything4sweets: Thanks
ninis: Iya nih disini sebetulnya ada lho nis jual yg udah jadi, ada isi durian segala. Bikin sendiri jadinya buaanyaak banget :). Ada 1 lagi nih klo mo nyicip.
a.g: iya di Toko Ind.
fitta: iya aku juga sahurnya makan bakpao, nasi juga dunk..he..he.
tigerfish: give it try by ur own.
resto mariena: Makasih infonya, kpn2 aku coba cari yg pake red bean
beachlover: you´re welcome

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Looks delicious! Nice pau

I Cook4Fun said...

Retno, nice looking pau. I like all kinds of pau either sweet or savory.

chiara said...

Hi Retno,

I just noticed that you put hot dog sausages in your vegetable soup too! My husband and mother-in-law thought I was crazy for putting sausages in soup! It adds more flavor to it, I think :)

Retno Prihadana said...

east meets west kitchen: Thanks
i cook4fun: me, too!
chiara: just try it!

eliza said...

gorgeous looking pao ya Retno. i should try the bun flour sometime too :)

Dwiana P said...

it looks so yummy banget deh. aku belum pernah bikin bakpao kepengen banget tapi kayaknya rada susah yah say. I shall try your recipe someday. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the recipe. Hope you don't mind, my husband link your bakpao photo to his site.