Saturday, July 21, 2007

My favourite foods and 8 things

I´ve been tagged by Aisha (Paknesia food) for what is my favourite food, Wokandspoond for: 7 things and Jun (yummylicious) for: 8 things about me!. have succeed to make me so guilty during a week before I´ve done it. I just wonder one who creates this kind of tasks. For me, It is a little bit like chained letters ( or letter chains?). Just because of you my dearest friends, I´m going to do it. Well, let makes it simple, I just make it one for all, Ok?.

1. To be honest, I do not know exactly what is my favourite food. I love so many kinds of food. I just could not choose one of them.

2. I love sate/satay (chicken, beef, lamb, or fish). Many variations of sate have been develop in Indonesia for example: sate Padang, sate Ponorogo, Sate Madura, Sate lilit (Satay from Bali), Sate Buntel ( I like sate buntel from Lombok) etc.

3. I love bakso (fish, Shrimp or Meat Balls).

4. I love Siomay and Baso Tahu/Tofu

5. I love Empek-empek

6. I love Otak-Otak

7. I love ice cream especially: Es Puter . I am going to share the recipe to you in the next posting, Okey?

8. Guess, what kind of food that I could not eat during my pregnancy?. Sate and Bakso !. So, two kids are enough for me.

Finally, I did it!. Now, who are the next lucky persons to do the task?. My dearest friends, You are lucky ! I ´m not going to pass it for you, ha..ha..ha.


Kelly Mahoney said...

Thanks for sharing and those kabobs look great.

Lia said...

aku juga sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa semuanya, hoaaaaaa ileran neh :(

primaningrum said...

yummy........... ngiler d

Isha said...

huhuhu...semuanya enak2 mbak retno, jadi ngilerr nih T_T

Mamah 'Little Aras' said...

waaah ngiler, cari tukang es puter depan kantor aaaah mbak hihihihi